Poppy is getting a heart!!!!!

Sometime in the wee hours of tomorrow morning, our precious Poppy is getting a heart!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank you Jesus!!!! Thank you all for your fervent prayers and loving support. Please join us in rejoicing in God’s perfect timing overwhelming presence in our lives, and for this time of miraculous wonder and this precious gift for our girl. Prayers of peace and comfort for the donor’s family and Poppy’s night and the days ahead. We are trembling!!!! Thank you Jesus!’ Praise The Lord!!!



37 thoughts on “Poppy is getting a heart!!!!!

  1. What a blessing and oh you are such a dear young mom to pray for the donors family. Yes this is such a bittersweet situation! Praying for every minute to be ordained by God to the fullest extent of His glory in every life.

  2. So happy to hear that your sweet little girl is getting a heart!!! Will keep everyone in our prayers and thoughts through this next phase of your journey!! Much Love From the Sines Family!!!!

  3. I’ve been following your blog because my first grand daughter (who is now 11 1/2!) was born with HLHS as well. Have been keeping Poppy and your family in my prayers, and now special prayers for another family too for donating a heart for her. God is truly great.

  4. Instant tears just rolled down my face. The emotions of pure joy and sadness are flooding back. I held my sweet Kamryn and prayed that all will go well with the surgery. That the heart is a good match and that she recovers quickly. You sweet mama get some rest you have a lot to learn in the next few months.

  5. prayers for your sweet poppy and the donor family. god bless them, and i pray for amazing results for your little fighter.

  6. So excited for you all, Prayers for the donors family and for Poppy to heal quickly and be strong and healthy very soon!

  7. Thank you Jesus! We praise you God for this answered prayer and ask for comfort for the other grieving family even as we rejoice over Poppy and your mercy!!!!

  8. Praise God!! We don’t know you personally but we pray for your family daily! What an awesome God we have we are so happy for you and the miracles that only He can provide!!

  9. So fricken awesome!! We’ll keep praying!! I’m so excited for all of you. Lots of love and hugs at ya!!!!

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  11. Many prayers for both families involved. God bless all of you. Praying that Poppy takes this heart well, and praying for the family of the donor heart. Good luck to all. ~The Hansen Family

  12. We are praying for little Poppy, the Drs., Your family and for the donor family as well, God’s peace to you all..

  13. So Incredible is God’s perfect timing! we are praying for you all and the donor’s family, God continues to use Poppy mightily to tell of His amazing character and love for us!

  14. Yeah for Poppy!!! She is such an adorable baby girl….prayers for all of you and the family of the donor.

  15. I am so happy she is getting a new heart! I am the mother of a transplant patient. At 11 months old my daughter got a new liver. It is a miracle what they can do! I will keep Poppy, your family and the transplant team in my prayers!

  16. Thank you God for this fantastic present to an adorable little child!! I will praying very hard tonight for her & her family. God bless the donors with a BIG heart, They are heroes & a true blessing!!

  17. Praise God and his wonderful workings!! GO POPPY!!!! Thank you for the most wonderful news ever!! We will be praying super hard for Poppy from this time forward until further news. I pray surgery goes well, and god bless everyone of you in this time of praise and happiness. ❤

  18. Praying for your sweet little one and your whole family. Blessings on the donor family and their open hearts. God is good!!

  19. I am so happy for u and your little Poppy! PRAYING EACH AND EVERY DAY! PRAYVING FOR THE FAMILY OF THE DONORS TOO!

  20. Praising God for His perfect timing. Praying for the donors for peace and comfort. Praying for Poppy to heal up fast. So happy for you all, big hugsss,

  21. Hugs & PRAYERS!!! I’m up and praying that God guides the surgeons’ hands, that He envelops the donor’s family with peace, that He supports all of you as you wait these many hours of the new day, and God’s blessings on little Poppy as she receives such a glorious gift. I pray for her new little heart to give her a healthy life!

  22. I’m praying for you your family. May your days be bright and filled with God’s light. Find joy in just a little things. Because the little things are truly most amazing things. God bless

  23. Larry (Ramse) LaCoursière
    This is late, but I was not aware of the situation until recently. We think of you, and the family which you are part of, frequently. May God bless you “little one”. Someday we hope to meet you and your family.

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