Poppy’s First Year

March 8, 2013, our sweet Poppy girl entered the world at around 10:20am.  We were excited, nervous, anxious…in love.  In trying to reflect on the past year, I’m finding that words really won’t do it justice.  Flashes of days, minutes, moments flood my thoughts and catch me off guard…overwhelming my whole body.  I can’t catch my breathe, I can’t find adequate words to say that would fully express all that I feel. Just tears of pain and joy and wonder….God has carried us all.  He has provided in every way beyond imaginable.  His grace, and mercies, and love we have felt closely and continue to feel as we walk this journey with Him.

Praise to the Lord that this day has come, where we are able to celebrate our dear girl’s first birthday with her in our arms, at home.  Just another of the many many miracles we have seen this past year.   It is with a heavy heart, that I rejoice in this day..this miracle day that the Lord has made.  While my heart sings of thanksgiving of this joyous day, my heart aches for my dear heart angel mommas who were not given the chance to enjoy their baby’s first birthday with them in their arms. I just don’t have words…these mommas will forever be in our prayers ❤

So, I’ve decided to recap this year through pictures.  Keep in mind, some may be quite graphic, but I feel they are important to include because it’s real life.  This was our daughter’s first year of life, and we are celebrating her, by remembering her great fight…the fight she continues to fight.  May we never take for granted the time we have with our loved ones ❤

For our sweet girl on her first birthday ❤  We love you beautiful girl!!!!! You are the sweetest, most brave girl we know!! You inspire and amaze us every day!!!

IMG_5038 IMG_5101 017_Poppy IMG_5182 IMG_5269 IMG_5342 IMG_5399 IMG_5414 IMG_5426 IMG_5500 IMG_5539 IMG_5802 IMG_6355 IMG_6155 IMG_6439 IMG_6623 IMG_7243 IMG_7409 IMG_7889 IMG_7851 IMG_8013 IMG_8956 IMG_9323_2 IMG_9492 IMG_0076 IMG_1194 IMG_1808 IMG_2624 IMG_3915 IMG_4434 IMG_5607 IMG_6269 IMG_6416 IMG_6839 IMG_6874

Our God is an awesome God!!! Woohoo!!! Hallelujah!!!


15 thoughts on “Poppy’s First Year

  1. Happy Birthday Poppy!!! I have been following you since you were born! You are a genuine fighter! You have the most amazing parents in the whole world! They love you more than anything and you always make them smile! Enjoy your first birthday! I hope you get to try some cake!!

  2. Praise God for the miracle of Princess Poppy and her loving and greatful family. They have taken a tragedy and turned it into a triumph and a oppertunity to show How Great Our God Is! I love your beautiful smile and determination that can not be shaken. We pray for you daily and also for the family that made your future possible. Princess Poppy you have a mission in life and you are fullfilling it already.

  3. Poppy truly is a miracle child, just like my first grand daughter Karlen born with HLHS in January 2002. She’s 12 now and doing great, you only have to believe that they do have a mission in life and that God has a plan for them. Congratulations and a happy birthday to her!!

  4. We have been praying for Poppy and both of you since Aimee first shared with us. She is truly a miracle and a testimony of the love and power of our God. Thanks for never giving up on your baby girl and for allowing her to touch so many lives by her bravery and yours. Thanks for sharing her incredible story. We will continue to pray for all of you!

  5. What an amazing journey. I have watched and prayed along with you through this first year. You are an amazing and truly loving family Poppy is as lucky to have you as you are to have her. God’s blessings on you all.

  6. Happy first birthday Poppy. Here’s to many more. You are a fighter, an inspiration and a blessing in our lives.

  7. “Poppy’s First Year” is a wonderful story Not just your thoughts but the procession of pictures tell of a triumphant love, mercy and joy. Thank you for sharing this with all who can learn from it. God bless you all.

  8. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!! Happy birthday to your beautiful girl. May God continue to bless and carry you all along the miracle of Poppy’s life!!!

  9. What an amazing God we have, I’m so glad that Poppy was chosen by Him to show how much he loves and cares for all of us! Happy b-day Poppy!!!!!!!

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