Possible Discharge

Poppy has done pretty well since her last trip to the OR for her shunt revision. Brad and I were commenting that she even is seeming more aware than when we were at home with her! Thank you Jesus!!

We were actually moved from the CICU to the floor early yesterday. She did however continue to keep everyone on their toes, as it seemed the minute we got to the floor, her shunt site and where the internal tubing runs down the side of her body looked red, swollen, and painful to the touch. She wouldn’t even turn her head to that side, it hurt her so much. So needless to say, she was watched very very closely by all teams (neuro, transplant, and the risk/ICU nurse) throughout the night and even today.

She had vomited a few times last night, and after the attending saw her shunt site and tract, they decided a shunt series of x-rays and CT scan was in order, given Poppy’s complicated history. During the CT, Poppy was super upset, red face, tears, just not impressed, and I tried to soothe her through it- I figured it was the way her head had to be in the machine that was hurting her. As the nurse unwrapped her from the CT swaddle, there’s blood. Oh my!!! Where is the blood coming from?!?! Then we see her poor black necrotic toe just laying there 😦 it had finally fallen off 😦 startling to say the least!! Oh my poor sweet babe, if it’s not one thing, it’s the other. We had been warned from the beginning (it was from a clot she threw during her Norwood procedure from March 18) that it would likely fall off on its own- well it did. And I have to say, I’m really thankful it happened in the hospital. They knew exactly what to do and it’s actually looking great!! Praise The Lord!!! I learned how to dress it today- let the healing begin!!

Her xrays and CT looked good, and as the night progressed, her shunt site and tract starting looking A LOT better!! The redness and swelling had gone down substantially!! Thank you Jesus!!! I was soo concerned it could be infected. Even this morning, I was able to touch where it had been swollen and Poppy didn’t even mind!! Neuro was pleased- really everyone was assured!! Had she been more straight forward with her neuro surgeries this past week, we probably would have been discharged today, but since she’s Poppy, they wanted to watch her another day. This was just fine to us, because just this past Thursday, we were going to be discharged straight from the CICU, but then later that evening, she ended up in the OR again with her shunt full of blood, and ventricles 50% bigger than they were 2 days prior. So we are really good with everyone being so thorough, even though it is so hard to be separated. Hopefully tomorrow we will be home together as a family again (nobody tell Poppy…;)!! She doesn’t need to change the plan 😉 Crosby and I spent the afternoon cleaning the house and getting caught up on laundry, so Poppy spent the day with Daddy! It was a good day 😉 Thank you Lord for your continued provision in every way imaginable. It all comes from You- to You be the glory!!







2 thoughts on “Possible Discharge

  1. I love the picture of you smiling at Poppy and her smiling back. More smiles ahead friend, much love and prayers to you!

  2. Poppy you continue to amaze everyone so much with your healing ability!! You look so much like your mommy esp. your pretty eyes! Your big brother looks like quite the character and I bet he can’t wait to teach you a thing or two 🙂 God keep blessing this family with miracles!!

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