Preparing for Seattle

We leave this Saturday, Feb. 9th for Seattle, and boy is it overwhelming.  The whole thing of not really knowing how long we could be gone is really hitting.  If all goes well, we’ve been told to expect to be home in roughly 6-8 weeks, but every HLHS baby is different.  We’ve been reminded that our Poppy has a leaky pulmonary valve on top of it all, which can make things even more complicated than they already are-like the need for a heart transplant is a real concern.  So we really have no idea how long we will be gone, and real life tasks like taxes still have to be done, a method for handling bills needs to be in place, and things like cleaning out the fridge and pantry…leaving the house in order…making sure Crosby has what he needs to feel secure in a new place…not to mention, packing!  When we do come home, it has to be a very clean environment for Poppy, because she CANNOT get sick, so making sure our place has had its spring cleaning is very important.  All of this has been on the list for a month, and now of course, it’s becoming real.  So many have offered to help, which is such a relief.  But it’s the whole thing of getting good at asking for help that is proving to be the challenging part…

We are planning to stay at the Ronald McDonald house, and I’ve been relieved to find out that much of what we need is already there.  They will have beds, a crib, linens, a highchair, tv, dvd player, washer/dryer, laundry detergent…  We get our own locking cabinet and mini fridge.  The kitchen sounds like it’s similar to a home ec room, with cooking stations we are able to use.  I’m so thankful the Ronald McDonald house exists, as I cannot even imagine attempting to do all of this from a hotel room! I’m so grateful for my new friend and fellow heart-mom, Heather in Great Falls, who has clued me in on all of this stuff! You have been so awesome!

My first appointment is Tuesday, February 12th.  I’ve been told that at this appointment we will get to meet with the OB and the Pediatric Cardiologist who will be taking care of us.  They will do an ultrasound to look at Poppy’s growth and a fetal echocardiogram to check on her heart.  I’m assuming we will find out the delivery date soon after.  I will be 35.5 weeks at this appointment.  Crosby came at 37 weeks, even though he was scheduled at 39 weeks for a c-section (he was breech.)  As a precaution, the doctors want us out there at 35 weeks, just in case she follows Crosby’s lead, and comes a little early (she’s also breech.)  Hopefully she can hold off as long as possible, so she’s the strongest she can be for surgery.

I’m so thankful that my mom is able to ride out with us and watch Crosby during this extensive doctor’s appointment.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a rough and emotional day-it will be such a comfort to have her there.

8 thoughts on “Preparing for Seattle

  1. My family and I lift you all up everyday. We are expecting Gods hand in all of this, for His glory. Seeking Him for peace, comfort and mercy upon you all. God bless you and keep you tight in His arms of love.

  2. I know that you guys are entering a new realm of faith- as you leave to go to Seattle. The ways that God has shown His love for your family and Poppy have been amazing…praying that His greatest work is yet to come in the coming months. You may be leaving MT, but I am certain that you are taking our hearts and prayers with you!

  3. Praying for your family’s safe travels and praying for strength emotional and physical for all if you. Good luck. Give Crosby an extra hug- he is more aware than you know.

  4. Praying for you guys! I leave today to go to the Seattle area and my flight back to MN is on Monday afternoon! I would love to see you!! The Ronald McDonald Homes I’ve been in (visiting friends staying there) have been wonderful and so helpful. There was even a day someone had baked cookies and shared them with anyone who was there! I know God has gone before you, preparing and making a way for you and Poppy!! Hope to hug you myself soon!!!

  5. We say many prayers for you and your family. You will come to know some great doctors and staff and just people in general. God has a way with connecting you with people you need and who will also come to need you. Keep in your heart a positive attitude and goal, and may many blessings show. If we can be of any help , please let us know. We have also stayed at Ronald McDonald House-walking distance to Seattle Children’s. Take care of yourself and each other and stay strong.

  6. My Dear Grandaughter Christi , Great .G.Daughter Poppy & Brad. Can’t help but shed a tear for each of you. May God be with you in this time of need . The Prayer Chain
    is in full force in our Community for each of you , And all of our Friends . We
    appreciate the up date from your Mother. Thank God Your Family can be their
    with you. To help ease your load.
    Keeping you in our Prayers , An may Poppy get stronger each day.
    Our Love and Hugs to each of you.
    Grandma Mary and Bill

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