Seattle: We made it!

Well, we made it safely to Seattle!  The roads were clear the entire way! Truly a blessing! Just as we were pulling in to grab a bite to eat for lunch, I get the call from Ronald McDonald House.  Last week I talked to them, and the gal warned me that they were closing one of the houses for a couple of  months, starting on the date we were expected to arrive.  She advised me to have a back up plan in place, because they would now have 22 less rooms to work with due to the closure.  So I went ahead and made arrangements at a hotel that works closely with Ronald McDonald House, and let them know the situation.  This wasn’t the best news to receive just a few days before arrival, but I had a peace about it.  I was expecting the call today to be notified about the status of a room for us for tomorrow, as typically you are only allowed to check-in one day before your appointment at Children’s.  I answered the phone, and quickly found out that our room would be ready within the hour, and that we were welcome to check in TODAY!!! Wow!! What a tremendous blessing!! First, that we have a room right when we arrive, second that we get to move in a day early, and third that when I called to cancel my hotel reservations, the gal told me there would be no cancellation fee (usually they require a 24hr notice)!!!  Thank you, Jesus!! What an answer to prayer 🙂

We are totally impressed by the welcome we received! Everyone seems so warm and inviting, and nothing a family in crisis may need has been overlooked! So impressed and so incredibly grateful for having the privilege to stay here.

We are so thankful for everyone’s prayers-we can definitely feel them.  We are constantly reminded, “as God guides, God provides”…truly amazing to see this happening…We ‘knew’ it before, but how we know it now is indescribable.    Of course I’m disappointed that it’s taking something like this to ‘show’ us just how faithfully He provides, but what a blessing it is at the same time-I pray we never forget it.

The anticipation is building, as I near 35.5 weeks.  I am so excited to meet my sweet Poppy girl, I can’t hardly wait!  I am definitely feeling the ‘growing pains’ of late pregnancy.  Feeling huge, uncomfortable (breech babies are soo uncomfortable-so hard to breathe, put shoes on, sit up, etc…), having a tough time sleeping, dull cramping, having a harder time picking up and working with my 28 pound, very active 15 month old Crosby boy!  Thank the Lord that Brad is such a team player, and that my mom is here to help with him for a few days!  So nice! Such a blessing!

Our appointment is Tuesday morning, and I have to admit, while I’m excited to meet the doctors we will be working with, I am anxious at the same time for the emotional piece of it.  More than likely it won’t be any information we haven’t heard before, it’s never fun to hear about how serious Poppy’s condition is.  It will be a comfort for myself in the way that there will be some sort of plan in place.  However, the closer we get to her due date, the more REAL all of this is, and we are finding that’s the most challenging part emotionally- what all of this looks like, how we tend to Crosby’s needs, what the future holds, etc…Please continue to pray for our family…any/everything you can imagine we may need…thank you so much.  We find so much comfort in just knowing you all are praying.

3 thoughts on “Seattle: We made it!

  1. Hey Christi. James Carlson here, (Brooke’s husband; I believe you’re more familiar with her), anyway could you tell Brad that I just sent him a Facebook friend request that he should respond to soon so we can communicate easier? My friend in Seattle has a lead on a job that provides 20 hours/week minimum but I’ll need to get him an email address and a link to apply online, as well as details of the job.

    Thanks so much! Glad you made it safely and that God is providing!

  2. So glad to hear a wonderful update! I hope you can write in here everyday! I love reading what you guys have been doing. You have so much to explore with Crosby while waiting for Poppy’s Birthday! Not every little guy gets his mom and dad 110% to himself this far into a siblings arrival! Keep us updated, and we will keep the prayers coming. Hayden loves picking out which pretty bracelet she gets to wear everyday, and they have also helped her learn how to tie! What a blessing for everyone. Hugs! Take care guys!

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