Thanksgiving 2014

Poppy seems to have recovered well from her G-tube surgery and we are now using her G-tube!! It’s got to feel so good to have that NG tube out from the back of her throat!! I’m so delighted to be able to see my gorgeous girl’s beautiful face!!! Her oral feeding has not picked up yet, but patience..more time and patience.  The fact that the girl even has a G-tube is in itself a miracle!! What a blessing!!

Poppy continues to work her butt off in her therapies. She is continuing to gain strength in her trunk and is also tolerating time spent fully supported on her feet!! She is even ‘helping’ while dressing, as she is now able to ‘push’ her arms through her arm holes!! She claps often, and is making more verbal sounds!! What a difference a year makes…

To be able to put into words the incredible depth of gratitude we feel today, and really on any given day, is my wish for all who have touched our lives so lovingly, generously, thoughtfully, prayerfully over the past almost 2 years.  Your prayers and all of the many ways our family, friends, nurses, doctors, therapists, acquaintances, and even those of you we have not met, have been an absolute testimony of God’s grace and provision- it is overwhelmingly humbling and truly has touched our hearts forever. God has shown us so many miracles, and abundant blessings through this crazy journey, it has been and continues to be a ride graced with Divine interactions and situations, as the Lord’s Divine orchestration unfolds in our crazy life. There are definitely days that are much more challenging than the next, for many many reasons 😉 But being able to look back at the last nearly 2 years, and see the Lord’s hand at work in ALL of it, can be such a perspective changer and comfort in knowing that He is always here-ALL of this is in His hands!! Hallelujah!! He just continues to surround us with amazing people and loving care.  Gratitude and thank you don’t even begin to cover what I so desperately want to convey. Wow…just wow…heart bursting. Thank you Jesus.


IMG_4362 IMG_4424 IMG_4332 IMG_4434 IMG_4478










3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2014

  1. What a Blessing you have had this Thanksgiving! It is amazing how far Poppy has come and is doing so much. She and Crosby have gotten a more matured look on their faces. I WISH I had just a little of Poppy’s hair, she grows it back so fast and so thick. The roller coaster ride over the last 2 years for all of your family has been something that just anyone could have done and done it with so much positive even in the low times. God has BIG plans for Miss Poppy! Kisses to the sweet little giggle faces. Tracie

  2. Praise God, What a blessing all of you are. Every night we still lift you all up to the Lord. Poppy and your family took a place in my heart forever. Always happy to see new pictures and thanking God for all that He has done. Thank you for sharing and allowing us to be a part of your beautiful family. God bless you all. HUGSSSSSS

  3. Thanks for keeping us all updated! She is growing more beautiful by the day! Thank God for all he has done for your family, continuing to keep you in my prayers!

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