The Day The Lord Has Made

Poppy came out of the OR this morning around 10am with her new heart!! Dr. Permut was very pleased at how everything went-even better than he had anticipated. Needless to say, it was a long night for us awaiting updates. Feelings of nervousness, excitement, giddiness, and apprehension consumed our bodies. We spent the night on our knees in constant prayer for our girl and all involved that His will would be done and His presence made known. And it was 🙂 Everyone around was soo excited right along with us- genuinely excited…like it was their own child getting another chance at life- truly amazing how God provides us exactly all we need at His perfect time. Miraculous and wonderful. Thank you Jesus! We so appreciate all your prayers and support for us through this- it is so encouraging to hear from all of you and literally feel the divine power of prayer. What a night….a night of awe and wonder and knowing God’s always had this and always will.

We got to see her around 10:30am. We walked in to see her pink!! Our girl is pink like babies are supposed to be!! Her numbers looking great!! Just like they should be!! Her head, hands, and feet have lost there dark low profusion look and her blood is bright red, no longer dark-her body is getting adequately oxygenated!! Soo amazing to soak in. Words cannot even begin to express the feelings that consumed us at that moment. Even straight from the OR she looked like she felt better already!! Praise Jesus!! That sick feeling that comes with staying awake all night, surviving on adrenaline was suddenly renewed, to see our Poppy looking so good- her sweet pink skin and her new numbers to match her new heart 🙂 Like she’s a different baby- like new life…unexplainable really. My face literally hurts from the full on beam I have on my face-oh’s permanent 😉 God is so good.

Poppy still has a long recovery ahead, so please continue to keep her in your prayers, as well as the donor family who gave the most precious gift of life to our darling girl. You prayer warriors are awesome 😉 Thank you all for the love you show us. It means so much 🙂






13 thoughts on “The Day The Lord Has Made

  1. So thrilled to hear the great news! I have been praying and praying for her and all of you. What great things God has planned for Poppy!
    (Don’t know if you remember us – we met at City Brew over coffee when you were home packing up your apartment! The Gallatin Valley is rooting for you!)

  2. To God be the glory! I sit here typing with tears….I certainly am praising God and will continue to pray for all of you! I hope you can get some good rest as well.

  3. The angels are singing…the dark cloud is lifted…God is amazing!!…Rejoice in his glory for he loves you all so much!!…

  4. Rejoice! I can hardly wait to meet her-and you all. Grandpa Steve showed us pics in the po parking lot yesterday! We are praying for all of you each step of Gods way!

  5. I finally got back on – I was getting a couple of pages with too many titles on them My sister, Marilyn, read me the ones I missed and we had a few tears. What a day God has given us all to rejoice in His love and tender mercy. Keep posting news this week, I’m forwarding it on to my Facebook. Love you little family!

  6. Christi, Brad and Crosby, I am so happy for you, many tears of joy have fallen. I cannot even express how wonderful and awesome our God is. Big hugs and lots of love your way. Thank You Father God, After all that Poppy has been through, we know You have such a calling on her life. We praise You Lord and give You all the glory. Thank You Lord for blessing this beautiful family. They have been such a blessing to all that have been following them. I thank You Lord for the people that found You Father in the midst of this journey. Praise You Lord for all You have done and all Your going to do.

  7. Oh, this is soooo exciting! We left Seattle yesterday and I was sad that I didn’t get to say goodbye. I had wanted to visit again, but Natalie was so attached to me that it was hard for me to leave her. I’m so happy that this moment has come! I will continue to pray for the road of recovery. She truly does look great…and God is good…ALL THE TIME!

  8. We are so happy for you all!! Praise God!! I can’t help but look at her fingers….they are such nice, long piano playing fingers! And, such perfect little toes. Your darling girl continues to be in our prayers!!
    P.S. I am Brenda Wolery-Maloney’s sister in law!! 🙂
    Diana Maloney 🙂

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