The Floor

These past few days have been full of wonder and amazement. Since Poppy’s VP shunt, she is now tracking better, seems much more alert and interactive, and she even got her suck back!!! When I look at her, I see the many miracles she has been blessed with and I feel so humbled and blessed to get to be her momma and be able to witness God’s provision in this new profound way. It’s just….wow…takes my breath away every time.

Right now, the only thing keeping her in the CICU is her presidex and dilauded drips. These are sedatives she has been on ever since she’s been in the CICU. She is doing pretty well with the weaning which is such a blessing. The nurses are thinking we will be moving to the regular cardiac floor mid-week!!!!!! This has totally snuck up on us!!! She has never been well enough to be on the regular cardiac floor- this is HUGE!!!

On the floor, we will learn how to care for Poppy. We will learn how to administer her meds, prepare her feeds, insert a nasal feeding tube), work with OT and PT in developing a therapy plan for development and feeding, and the best part….we will get to hold her, change her diaper, and dress her WHENEVER WE WANT!!!! We get take care of our girl because she’s finally well enough!!! Praise The Lord!!!!

This whole thing is truly bittersweet, as being here in the ICU since March, we definitely feel like a part of the unit…like family. The staff here will always hold a special place in our hearts. They have shown us such loving support and excellence in Poppy’s care-there just aren’t words to express what their time with us has meant to our family. We are truly blessed. We will just have to drop in and visit often šŸ˜‰

Completely overwhelmed that we are here….oh the miracles we have seen, the strength and sweetness our girl has displayed through these first 100 days of her life. God’s grace and provision is the reason. He has held us closely, providing us with His love, divine peace, superb care, and everything we need…literally everything. Praise Jesus for His never ending love and faithfulness!!! We are different people…we have learned to rely on God in a new way, and I pray we never forget how to rely on Him in all things. Thank you all for all your love and prayers. We are so thankful for all your support-it truly means so much to us. Please continue to pray for Poppy as she progresses and for our family as we adjust to a new setting and take another step towards discharge.










16 thoughts on “The Floor

  1. I love seeing pictures of you Poppy especially as you are looking healthier and healthier!!!! Your bright eyes show that you are doing so much better. It is great seeing your mom hold and snuggle with you! This time of year poppies are growing in abundance and I think of you everytime I see them. What a wonderful name for such a brave baby girl!!!! Keep up the good fight little one!!!

  2. Brad and family: so happy for you and Poppy! Happy Father’s Day!!!! Love how peaceful she looks in the first picture šŸ™‚

    Dr. P

  3. What wonderful news! Your posts are always so focused on praising God that it’s refreshing. We can truly see the hand of God at work in your life. I will be praying for a smooth transition to the floor and all the mommy work that it holds. I hope that they are still proactive in weaning slowly. This was one of our hardest things to do when N- was an infant. Be her voice, you know her!

  4. The poppies are blooming everywhere here in Bozeman, but none as beautiful as your precious Poppy! The quilt in your photo took my breath away, until I saw the photo of her in your arms! So precious you all are to our Father!

  5. I love the photo of you and Brads baby girl Poppy! She looks like she is getting her fix of Mommy! She looks so comfy snuggled in your arms!

  6. What great news!! We are so happy for you guys – amazing leaps! Thinking and praying for you all as always!!!!!

  7. Little Poppy is looking so wonderful – her coloring has remarkably improved and she appears to be a cuddle-bug as well. It must be so difficult to return her to her bed. I would want to rock her nonstop! After “checking in” on her status so very often, I feel like she belongs in our family as well as in our hearts. I rejoice with you with her improving health and join with you in praising the Lord in all things! God bless you all on this continuing journey!

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