Update #2 from Daddy

We’re with Poppy, and she’s on the mend. She’s still very critical but she’s stable. This morning we had a bit of a scare with the ECMO ( heart and lung machine). The nurse was checking the lines going into Poppy and noticed a clot forming. By her catching it was a miracle in itself. It was barely visible even to the doctors. They changed out the tubing and Poppy is once again stable. Our list of things that we are praying for as of this moment are:

-Pray that there are no more complications with the ECMO machine.
-Pray that Poppy begins to release fluids or goes to the bathroom. These are signs that she is healing.
-Pray that Poppy’s heart rate begins to drop. We’ve seen this a little bit but we would like her to be around 160 bpm. She’s currently around 175 bpm.
-Pray for Poppy’s brain. There isn’t any sign of brain damage, but the doctors have seen a small amount of bleeding. They are monitoring closely and so far it hasn’t gotten any worse.
-Pray for Poppy’s big toe. While in surgery she had a tube placed into her thigh to monitor blood pressure and other things. It cut off blood supply to the toe and their is the potential for damage. The doctors are monitoring it closely.

We are praising God for the small victories. As of 5 minutes ago she began to open her eyes and look around. Her little hands began to move slightly and she is seems to recognize our voices! Thank you for everyone’s continued prayers! We can definitely feel everyone’s support!


25 thoughts on “Update #2 from Daddy

  1. WE ARE PRAYING!!!! last night before i fell asleep i said poppy’s name like a mantra……lots and lots of positive energy coming her way….(and mom and dad’s way too)!!

  2. Oh Christi, my prayers are yours! I can’t even begin to imagine how you and Brad are feeling. I am praying for all your requests and that somehow you and Brad are able to get some rest. May you experience our AWESOME God’s loving arms sustaining and lifting you! Big, big hug!;)

  3. Thank you for the update…we are praying for Poppy and Mommy and daddy as well…this is so hard for all of you. Our love and prayers……coming from Hawaii..love and God’s blessings…..to our loved ones Max and Melodee Dahl

  4. Praise God for this very perceptive nurse and the doctor’s quick responses. God is good! …”When you pass through the waters, I will be with you…For I am the Lord, your God, the Holy One of Isreal, your Savior…Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you…Do not be afraid, for I am with you…everyone who is called by my Name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made…” selections from Isaiah 43:2-7. Still praying earnestly! Marilyn and Gary Jarmusch

  5. Thank you for the update. Prayers for all, especially miss Poppy, from a Montana girl living in Portland. Love and blessings.

  6. Praying….and will specifically pray for your requests. I just got off the phone with Sharon Mellott who said she had a prayer group tonight that will pray for these things. And Frances Larson just called for an update so I read this to her as well. I see postings from Great Falls on facebook for Poppy and I just can imagine the “storm” of prayers on her behalf. God is good. What glory is His in this little girl! Love you and will pray for all God’s wisdom for Poppy’s care.

  7. I am continually praying for your sweet Poppy!! I can’t imagine what you as parents are going through and I pray God continues to give you the faith and strength to help her continue the fight!!

  8. Thank you for somehow finding the time to update us on Poppy’s progress. She has been on my mind constantly, as have her wonderful parents. Praying for you and the recovery of your baby.

  9. oh Poppy. you are fearfully and wonderfully made. i praise the God of heaven for you. i praise God that He formed you and knitted you together in your mothers womb. that all your days are known by Him. in His book, your days were written, every one of them. you are a light from heaven. your life is showing the glory of God. just the fact that your eyes are open is a miracle in itself. keep fighting. i cry out to God on your behalf everyday. and for you Brad and Christi, your faith is contagious. your devotion to Christ is amazing. cling to Him continually as i know you are.

  10. You guys don’t know me or my husband but I first heard of you from a children’s mom you met at the Hospital from Montana (Jai Anderson). She told me about you guys having your baby the next day at UW. My heart instantly hurt knowing the fear you were going to step into. Then my friend from Ywam (Mandi) that knows you started posting stuff for you guys. Small world. We have walked in your shoes a year ago with our little girl Esther. We know the fear and what its like to walk so closely to the Lord. If you need anything please email or call or facebook us. We will be there to pray, hug, whatever it may be. Here is our story with our little one with CDH. Its a tough ending but God was in it all : rhondaandjasonholtrop.blogspot.com. Praying so much for you all!!!

  11. Yes Thank God for even small improvements. We are praying for you all and appreciate the updates. Pray without ceasing!!

  12. So many prayers for Poppy and your family being said! Thank you so much for the updates and information! God is good!!!

  13. Christi, when Victoria’s kidneys failed after surgery, she couldn’t even move her body at all for over a week because the muscle relaxants wouldn’t leave her system. The fact that Poppy wiggled her fingers means her kidneys must be working at least a little bit. Hopefully, the urine will come and she will get skinny soon. Our nurses used to do the “pee dance” for us. Are her BUN and creantine numbers ok? The kidney failure is what kept Victoria from getting her chest closed for 2 weeks.

    Victoria’s foot had problems after the surgery too but it recovered. It was dark purple just like Poppy’s toe. I know she can do it too.


  14. Christi and Brad, Prayers coming your way. Poppy is in our thoughts and prayers going up …May you feel God’s love surrounding you all and His arms around you. Poppy, you are wonderfully made..May God guide the medical team on your care. God bless you all!

  15. Christi & Brad I will be praying for all you are asking for. I know how hard it is to watch and wait for things to change. So my heart is there with you. But just remember what I told yesterday Christi. We are here for you and your family at anytime you need us. You just need to ask. Hang in there and Thank you for the updates on your Beautiful Poppy! She’s in God’s hands as we pray hard for his healing touch .. Amen!

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