Update from daddy – on the road to recovery

Poppy is once again on the mend, but we’re learning that our little girl needs time.  We’re going on nearly 20 days post-op from her first surgery (Norwood), and her chest is still open. Her swelling is still significant enough that both sides of her chest have not come back together and there is a gap of about 1 and a half inches.  When she releases enough fluids, the gap will close up and the surgeons will be able to close her chest up.  This is the main reason that we are praying that she pees.

The other issue that has come up is that we are really unsure how long we are going to be out here.  In 5 more months she will be ready for the next phase of her surgery called the Glenn procedure.  This is once again a major surgery and will come with its own timeline of recovery.  The other possibility is that the doctors could decide that her heart is unable to sustain her, causing her to need a heart transplant sooner than later.

As a family, we are in a bit of a weird spot.  The best way to describe it is that we are in limbo.  We’ve had to make some big decisions this week and one of the things that have been heavy on our minds is what we should do with our apartment back home in Bozeman.  After much thought and prayer we have decided that we need to give up our apartment for now and move our house into storage for the time being.  I will be returning home early next week to begin packing and securing a storage unit.

Our intentions are to return to Bozeman as soon as possible, but we recognize that we’ll likely be here in Seattle over the summer while Poppy recovers.  I will be coming home next week with Crosby and Christi will be staying in Seattle to be by Poppy’s side.  One of the hardest things for me to do is to ask for help, but if anyone back home is looking for a weekend activity I would love the help!  You can email me at Bradleydahl@me.com .  We thank everyone for their prayers and ask that on top of praying for Poppy, that we have prayers for direction and wisdom in what we do.  Thank you all!  -Brad Dahl

8 thoughts on “Update from daddy – on the road to recovery

  1. You don’t know me, I’m friends of Kendra and Bill, and I would be happy to spend next weekend helping you! I will email you my phone #

  2. Wish we could be there to help! But know we’re praying and if it’s any comfort, we’re in a similar boat. Our house is under contract now to sell and our plan is to put everything into storage and relocate to Seattle for an indefinite time. The bright side is hopefully we’ll get to know you guys well. 🙂 We’ll be continuing to pray, our hearts are so heavy for you guys and what a difficult situation this is.

  3. We are all praying here in Wisconsin. Wish we could be there to help…please know you are in out thoughts and prayers!! She sure is a cutie!! 🙂

    The Koenig’s of “Boltana”

  4. You don’t know us but we are the grandparents of Oakley Strickler, one of Indy’s daughters best friend. Our hearts go out to both of you. We watch your blog. Poppy is a beauty and we pray for her daily. Our daughter works at the Bozeman Hot Springs and talks to Brad’s sister. Stay strong and always remember we are all gods children. We have a great-grandson that was born with CDH. He just turned 2 and is doing well. We believe in miracles. Ron & Lynette Rose

  5. Praying for pee and that she will not get an infection in her chest while it’s open. It took Victoria 3 months to get home but it felt like forever. I know Poppy can do it too so you can have some family time before her next surgery.

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