Update Thursday 3/21

First of all, Poppy is shedding fluids and starting to look like herself again !! Thank the Lord!! Doctors are happy with her progress today for the most part. However, we did receive some disappointing news. We got the results back today about Poppy’s brain ultrasound. The bleeding hasn’t changed but they have noticed possible swelling of the brain or a mini stroke. Both possibilities look the same on the ultrasound. We’re praying that the mini stroke isn’t the case! As we were talking to her today we also noticed that her hand was moving a little bit and the doctors said that it was a seizure. They hooked her up to the EEG and confirmed the seizures. She had 3 visible seizures and the EEG also showed non visible seizures. They are treating the seizures with anti-seizure medication. Until she is off the ECMO machine, we won’t know what exactly is causing them (bleeds, swelling, or if she’s had a stroke). The new course of action it to try to get her off of the ECMO machine which is likely causing many of these side effects. Once again were adding to our prayer list, but were very thankful for the encouragement and prayers over the course of this journey. Pray that the doctors are able to wean her off of the ECMO and her heart will be strong enough to hold her own. -Brad& Christi

17 thoughts on “Update Thursday 3/21

  1. Kari and I continue to pray daily for both of you and Poppy’s recovery. You are in everyone’s thoughts and prayers.

  2. Poppy you are putting up such a valiant fight so keep it up so the docs can get you off the machines!! Your mom and dad are anxious to hold you tight and dream of when they can take you home!! Angels surround you like bees around the poppies in a garden! I am sure God is busy listening to the many prayers from so many thinking of you and your family!! Heal quickly little one!!!:))

  3. Father God, I know You have a plan and purpose for little Poppy. I ask You Lord to touch her body, stop the bleeding and seizures. Lord nothing is impossible with You, Thank You for all that You have already done. We give You all the praise and glory Father. I ask Lord that her heart beats in the rhythm of Your heart Lord. Make it strong to get her off these machines. We praise You for Your peace and comfort up Brad and Christi. Hold them in Your arms of love and mercy Lord. Amen

  4. Good morning, I got to see your mom and crosby last night at the store and talk for a few. Crosby remembered my son Teigen and had some good smiles. We are really thinking of you and praying for healing.

  5. We heard of your website and Poppy through a friend, and have been keeping you in prayers since. May God wrap you all in peace and the knowledge that He is there through everything. Keep strong and we’ll continue to keep you in prayers.

  6. We agonize with you over every setback, and rejoice in the small victories. We will continue to pray for Poppy and all of you that you have the strength to get through these days and God will allow her to go home with you. We pray also for her brothers caretaker, as this is likely to be hard on him as well. Nice to see you share Ramsey’s post. He is so special. We are glad he and Paul are such close friends. Love you all.

  7. Praying for precious Poppy and you, Christi and Brad, and all of your family. Praying for God to touch her little body and heal her, and comfort you guys in these incredibly tough times. We’re thinking and praying for all of you!

  8. “O angel of God her guarding dear to whom her love commits her here ever this day be at her side to light and guard to rule and guide, Amen “

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