Wound Vac

A few days ago, the surgeons attempted to close Poppy’s chest. She made it clear she just isn’t quite ready yet. She was closed for about 20 minutes- they watched her blood pressure plummet and her heart rate skyrocket. So they opened her back up and were able to put a smaller patch on. While they were in, they cleaned her up and added back her atrial wires (should she need to be paced given her crazy arrhythmias). Overall, they were still glad they tried. Needless to say we were disappointed, but God’s timing is perfect and that is what we cling to. Poppy’s chest will get closed eventually and I’ll get to hold my precious girl once again. That day can’t come soon enough.

Today, Poppy got wound vac put on her open chest. A wound vac is kind of a sponge looking thing that has a tube attached that is actually hooked up to suction. It is supposed to whisk away fluid and the sponge itself is actually supposed to promote healing. The hope is that this tool will bring her chest closer gradually, which seems to be the way Poppy likes things 😉 This girl is definitely teaching us all a lesson in patience! Hopefully she will respond well to this! So far she is looking pretty good! Praise Jesus! Dr. Permut is hopeful they may be able to try closing her chest again next week!

Yesterday I said goodbye to my boys for 10 days 😦 I miss them already 😦 They are headed back to MT to move out of our apartment, as Poppy’s recovery has no timeline at this point. The doctors have validated our decision to be in limbo for a while. Poppy is going on 33 days with her chest open. Ideally, she would have been closed a few days post op, and we would be on our way home in a week or two. Poppy has already been through so much, and has so much more to overcome just with her heart.
-chest closure
-wean off the ventilator
-wean off heavy meds
-learn how to eat
-gain weight
All while maintaining stability. Once her heart is in an ok place, neurology will tackle her brain (get an MRI and assess the damage) and plastics in conjunction with orthopedics will address her big toe (amputation). She has a long road ahead. We take it day by day-it’s all we can do.

While all of this is overwhelming and brings tears to my eyes, there is no doubt of God’s presence. He continues to provide us with the peace and patience we need to go on, and continually surrounds us with people who love Him. Awe and wonder….getting goosebumps (which I call the Holy Spirit 😉 are a daily occurrence. Every day there are instances where He shows us He is with us, and the glory is His. Pretty amazing…we are where He has us, and His timing is perfect. Thank you Jesus. Help us to never forget.

Bye boys 😦


Poppy is infatuated with her IV pumps


Precious girl


10 thoughts on “Wound Vac

  1. Love you and am praying for you and all these requests. God brings healing and peace friend, we love and miss you so much!

  2. Christi, i am Bill Fox’s mom and just wanted you and Brad to know that we are praying for you all and feel your pain and joy as a parent. God’s love is awesome and he does work wonders!! hugs to you and prayers always.
    Kathy Nielsen

  3. You continue to head my daily prayers. Usually the first thing I think of when I wake up, and ask God to help guide you through the day. You are such an inspiration to those around you, and I hurt over the agonies you suffer with each minor setback. May God continue to bless you as you have those around you.

  4. Christi and Brad, Our family has been following your faithful journey since attending the Poppy’s Benefit dinner. I’m not sure if you have ever visited BowensHeart.com, although you may find great comfort in connecting with another HLHS family. Matt Hammitt (Bowen’s dad) is also the lead singer in Sanctus Real (Christian band) that visited Bozeman back in December. He has written a children’s book and even a song related to Bowen’s heart. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

  5. We have been praying for your sweet family. We know your journey very well. We have a son, Bowen, who had a very rough norwood recovery. Praying for strength, endurance, clarity, peace, and an unexplainably light amidst these darkest of hours. I know you dont know us but if you need a listening ear, my husband and I are here for you. sarahhammitt@me.com

    Sarah Hammit bowensheart.com

  6. Praying for all four of you! You are often in my prayers, even though I’ve only met “the boys” through kids min at Mars Hill. Poppy is beautiful–she looks so much like Crosby too! I’m so extremely encouraged by this blog and your dependence on God. He is the wonderful counselor, there is no doubt.

  7. Hey Christi!!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with us. You guys are so courageous! I know and see God is with you and watching over Poppy. She is so beautiful! Give you and your boys a big SQUEEZE from the Banta’s. And blow a kiss to Poppy. You are in my prayers and I look so forward to meeting Miss Poppy in person when you all come home.

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