You Mean?!?!

Here we are, just a few days short of Poppy’s 4 month birthday, and plans have been made for us to leave this place…this place that Poppy has called home for her entire life. These plans are set for today, Friday July 5th, as long as Poppy behaves herself. She will get an echo this morning to check for rejection if that looks good, they will pull her picc line….this is HUGE because Poppy has never not had a line. Since the minute after she was born she has had a line. I can finally put pants and bloomers and shorts on my girl!! Seemingly shallow, but it’s the things you take for granted when you have a healthy kiddo- things I never thought twice about with Crosby are now great milestones for Poppy. The home care services Poppy will be getting are things I had never really thought about existing-it’s all pretty amazing.

Still it’s crazy-has this day really come? You mean we really get to take our girl home?!?!?! So many days spent wondering if Poppy would get to see the beauty of God’s creation outside the hospital walls…and here we are….wow. 120 days and we are here. It’s hard to imagine that Poppy’s journey is really just beginning…

It’s like it hasn’t fully hit us yet, even though we are beyond ready to bring our baby girl home!!! We are so looking forward to functioning as a family again!!! Praise The Lord for the many miracles He has shown us through our dear girl. Humbling and amazing…words really don’t even cover all that it is and means and will mean down the road.

And it’s all You Lord!! You have orchestrated everything in our lives according to Your perfect will. You have provided all we need: superb medical care, a place to live, the lovely people we have met during all of this that have blessed us in so many ways, prayers and love from so so many-it is grace- it is Divine- it is all You.

Praying praying that today is the day…



14 thoughts on “You Mean?!?!

  1. Yaay Poppy!!! We have prayed for you and your sweet family since day one!! Now your beautiful journey begins…we are so happy for you and your family
    Sending love and prayers from Billings,Mr
    The Vermillion’s

  2. Praise God! I love the grace of God…how He draws us to Himself in weakness and suffering and in joy and gladness all we want to do is sing His praises!! He really is all we need! We are so happy for your family and the progress in Poppy! We are still praying for continued strength for you and Brad and continued healing for your sweet girl!

  3. My heart is so happy for you. I was in that same spot with my son Joshua! He is now almost 5 years post transplant and is doing well. Hearing this news brings on a rush of feelings! Our Lord is awesome and these kids are a blessing for sure. I’m excited that you get to introduce her to life outside those walls!
    Sending prayers. Leah

  4. What wonderful news for your family! I have followed and it is so good to see Poppy looking so much better! God bless your family and keep us posted on your pregress.

  5. Praise God! What an exciting Venture home! We will be praying that all goes smoothly and peacefully. How wonderful to be able to be home as a family of four!!!

  6. Oh Man, I remember that day! My daughter received a liver transplant when she was 6 weeks old and we took her home on her 4 month birthday. It can be scary and overwhelming, but it will be filled with love, appreciation, and prayer. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you to aid in the ease of this transition. My prayers are with you.

  7. I’m so glad that she’s getting better 120 days is a lot to take in. I was only there 79 days & I complained & I read all of you comments and I have nothing to complain about.

  8. What wonderful…..wonderful news!! Praise God for all the miracles he worked in sweet little Poppy!! We are thrilled to hear such awesomeness!!!!!! God is truly great!!!

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